Prepare your loins for the return of Thunderfest: Comedy Bacchanal!

You may find yourself wondering, what exactly is a Bacchanal?

Well, how about we give you a guess, PSAT-style:

A.) A villain from a little known kaiju monster show.

B.) A custom cocktail we'll be drinking the entire week that will involve fire.

C.) An old-timey gangster who chain smoked cigarillos

D.) The legal name for our salad dressing

E.) A dope-ass Comedy Extravaganza

Answer: E. Obviously E. Well maybe a little bit of B. But mostly E.

If you want to be part of this experience, submit a 7+ minute video of your favorite stuff here. We want to see that set that screams YOU. That set that feels like a fevered dream of fantastic raucous laughter. Stuff that you know you--and only you--would be able to deliver to the world.