Marc Maron named Soul Patch Monthly’s “Man Of The Year”

Dicky Stock

It was announced this week that popular comedian and podcaster Marc Maron would be the featured “Man Of The Year” in Soul Patch Monthly’s annual issue.

Marc Maron is probably best known for “WTF with Marc Maron”, a weekly podcast where he interviews celebrities and politicians (including the then current president Barack Obama) and secondly for his years of stand up comedy. Fans of soul patches, however, know him as the “grand mack daddy of the patch”, a role which Maron himself has played down.

“Sure I have a nice jazz dot, but I don’t think that defines me as a person” says Marc Maron going in for a sip of water. As he pulls the bottle back some dribbles from the corner of his mouth and lands on his soul patch. “Whoops.I got a little bit of water on my soul patch” remarks the 63 year old comedian.

However, this year’s choice isn’t without its critics. Popular germaphobe Howie Mandel took to twitter to voice his outrage.

Howie Mandel Complaint.png


Marc Maron isn’t letting the critics get to him.

“This soul patch is like a shield I wear into battle. There are many like it but this one is mine.”